Wakaff Activities

Drinks Donation and Distribution

Date: September 2016
Location: Mecca

Meeting with Almarai Company – Distribution of Drinks

Almarai is a big Beverage and Bakery company that is listed in Saudi Stock Exchange. Co Trustees have been purchasing their products for distribution in the past years for distribution during Haj and Ramadan. Met with the new GM Almarai for Saudi Arabia and discussed the plan for distribution of drinks for Mecca and Madina during Ramadan and Haj 2016.

The distribution plan for 2016 is as follows:

  • 5 days in Ramadan from 10th to 14th day of Ramadan - one truck per day, total 5 trucks for distribution in Mecca area same as last year
  • 5 trucks during Haj period: One truck each for 4th, 5th, 6th Zulhijah (total 3 trucks) to be distributed at Sisha area and 2 trucks during Arafah day

The distribution was witnessed by our local contact who verified delivery of orders and also took photos of distribution as evidence of distribution taking place. He assisted in the distribution as well.

Dates Donation and Distribution

Date: June 2016
Location: Madina Al Munawara

Distribution of Date Fruits

The focus in Madina for the past years have been the purchase and distribution of date fruits for distribution at Madina Haram Grand Mosque every Monday and Thursday throughout the year and daily during the Ramadan month. Visited the date farm where the date fruits are grown. This was also where the storing, packaging and preparation of the dates for distribution is done.

The Wakaff also increase the amount of dates to be distributed to accommodate greater number of saf distribution in Haram mosques on Mondays and Thursdays weekly throughout the year and during the month of Ramadan.

The increase in amount also allows for distribution of dates to selected Robats or Shanty Towns scattered around Madina. This process brings the date fruits directly to the poor and needy.

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Medical Donation in Mecca

Date: June 2016
Location: Mecca

Medex (AMC) Healthcare Services operates at Albayt Medical Center in the vicinity of Haram Mosques in Mecca and is a part of the renowned Bin Ladin Group of companies in Saudi. The Co Trustees met up with its CEO, its Manager, to discuss the operations and requirements of the facility. The company operates two distinct accounts for profit and for charity which we were assured had no link to each other. The charity account allows the donor to track and manage and even dictate how and what the donations will be used for.

The donations could be used for surgeries, medicines, dialysis of patients or even to help supplement payment of random patients who walk in and cannot afford to pay. The Wakaff will be recommending contributing to the charity account of AMC, for purpose of needy patients and pilgrims’ dialysis and urgent medical needs. Given the prime location of AMC being in the Clock Tower Hotel complex and opposite the Grand Masjid, it will be easily accessible to pilgrims who are in emergency situation and require subsidy to the medical charges.

This is a work in progress and an agreement is expected to be reached by the end of 2016.