Our History


Angullia Mosque has been an iconic landmark in the area of Serangoon Road and Little India for more than 120 years.

The Mosque was built on Wakaff land bequeathed by MSE Angullia. Still standing at its present site, the first blueprints of the Mosque was dated in 1890.

In his Last Will & Testament, MSE Angullia devised that the land including the Mosque, are to be held in Trust by the Trustees:

“It shall always remain and be a public place of worship for all Mohammedans.”

— MSE Angullia

Since its initial construction somewhere in the late 1890s, several upgrading works have been undertaken to maintain its functionality and relevance to its immediate community.

Angullia Mosque currently serves a large community of Muslims within the Serangoon Road district and many of our congregants include both the local and foreign workforce within the Serangoon Road business district.

Over the years, the capacity and infrastructure of the mosque are not able to keep up with the numbers and demands of our daily congregants.